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A Little About Us

We connect urban citizens and cities.

Take the power of digital technology and make it a shared experience. GreenOwl Mobile is a global smart transportation disrupter that takes digital technology and provides the best multi-modal trip experience for connected commuters, connected site management for construction companies, and a transportation management solution for smart cities. The Company’s mobile product transforms how travellers connect by discovering, creating and distributing personalized content such as best trip options, high risk intersections, road conditions, parking availability, and favourite locales.

Empower commuters to build the smart city of tomorrow, today. We have powered 500,000 commuters in North America & Europe. Commuters & smart city builders from London (UK), Toronto (CA), New York, Philadelphia, and many more are all helping build tomorrow’s Smart City using GreenOwl’s technology.

What We Offer

Helping commuters safely make informed decisions and connect cities with their citizens is what we do at GreenOwl Mobile. From traffic alerts of gridlock, warnings of high-risk collision zones, helpful hints of where to find parking, and citizen engagement, we aim to bi-laterally connect cities with the people who reside in them.

    • Transportation Intelligence (Traffic, Transit, Multi-Modal)
    • Road Conditions and Weather
    • Tolling
    • Re-routing
    • Crowdsourcing
    • Points of Interest, Construction, and Incidents

    Traffic Alert

    • Road defect reporting
    • Workforce management integration
    • Citizenship engagement


    • Transportation Contextual Assistance
    • Recommendations
    • Predictions


    • Lane Performance
    • Point of interest Up-take
    • Incident zone predication

    Big Data & Analytics

    • Natural Language Processing
    • Speech Recognition


    • Route Management
    • Build Compliance


The Smart City Builders

The minds behind building Smart Cities.

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