Our Company

GreenOwl Mobile – Innovation building the Commuter’s Platform

Our mission is to organize and deliver purposeful information to commuters. Our product’s connect drivers, transit users, transportation authorities, and media outlets. We are a team of Mobile first engineers dedicated to  transforming how road information is sourced and delivered. We have connected over 1 million drivers and transit users in various international properties. GreenOwl Mobile’s technology can become part of the smart transportation systems of any city, helping travellers save time and money and reduce their environmental impact. We believe this amazing proactive location-based audio technology should be made widely available to any one via many channels.

Our Team

What do you do with a team of top tier Engineering and Business graduates? Build something special, purposeful, and above all continue to innovate. This is GreenOwl Mobile! We are lead by a Stanford University graduate and Peeking University graduate who are technology innovators, foodies, and most of all heavy weights in championship boxing. Well, two out of three for sure!

Connect with Us


57 Glen Cameron Rd – East Unit Markham,

ON L3T 1P3 Canada


Interested in Going GreenOwl

Are you looking to contribute and help us innovate, solve problems, and have fun in the process? If you answer yes to these 3 questions, tell us a little about yourself. We are always looking for Engineers and tech enthusiasts to join our team. Email us gogreen@greenowlmobile.com