Construction Analytics - Live

Our construction analytics platform uses cameras and IoT sensors embedded with computer vision algorithms to detect and report events, track workers and equipment during operational and non-operation hours of a construction site.


We display real time construction analytics in comprehensive dashboards, that can be viewed through computers,  mobile phones and intelligent watches. Our platform also stores valuable construction site's data  for future cost reduction resolutions and corporate governance compliance. It is a secure standalone web and mobile dashboard that provides a construction firm streaming live analytics.  Features:

- Sensors and cameras that stand guard to react and alert to various situations such as movement close to dangerous or restricted areas, temperature, dust, soil humidity, CO2 and inventory levels.

- Integrated event tracker to count specific events, like the arrival of a cement or trash truck.

- Smart movement analyzer that senses motion of specific equipment’s like the movement of cranes and workers pin pointing equipment, worker and team locations.

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