Public Parking Availibility

Parking in downtowns is in need of creative solutions. With increased commerce and nightlife, along with significant development throughout the City (some in the construction phase, others in the planning stages), the demand for parking exceeds the perceived supply. In addition, the construction of several event venues will extend the demand for parking until later in the evening and on weekends.

There actually is a significant supply of parking within the City, but not all drivers are aware of their options to park. As a result, GreenOwl  is implementing innovative programs to manage the demand, disperse parking users and streamline customers’ parking transactions, both on‐ and off‐street.

On‐street availability can indicate which individual parking spaces might be available (as this will result in multiple drivers competing for the same parking space). The app can indicate the probability of being able to park there: high, medium, or low probability using  green, yellow, or red line segments on maps to indicate the probability to drivers. GreenOwl can use the data from sensors, as well as from other sources, such as a City’s parking database, to determine, for a given area, the likelihood that a driver will be able to find a parking space at the current time, and convey that information to the user. 


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