Sharing the Economy

From jumping into an Uber-ed vehicle to staying at a charming Airbnb, the rise of shared economies has had a marked effect on the way we, as consumers, travel and live.

Shared economies are based on the simple philosophy that a person can maximize on the utility of any given piece of property they possess. A home can serve as temporary lodgings for complete strangers or a car can double up as a business opportunity.

So it’s no surprise that sharing economies are gaining momentum - and that there’s already a new generation of companies clamouring to solve some of the problems that most city-dwellers didn’t even realize they had. That’s especially true when it comes to challenges on the road.

One of the biggest problems facing city motorists isn’t the traffic. Rather, it’s the challenge of finding a place to park that’s both safe and affordable. Smart parking comes in the form of “Zirx”, an app that works with agents to determine cheaper places to park - and drops it off for you. The app is already poised to becoming a must-have by smartphone users everywhere.

Parking spaces in specific parts of the city - particularly the core - can be a bit pricier, but Zirx’s monthly subscription still says the same. The company, which is now in six cities, makes money via various add-ons like a car wash that help its margins, which is also an area the company is hoping to expand via partnerships.

It’s a surefire sign that cities need more help dealing with larger population sizes - and a lot of that assistance comes in the form of shared economies.

GreenOwl Mobile is focused on mitigating those transportation problems - and they’re not just specific to traffic issues. We’re here to improve commute times, help users reach their destinations with minimal stress, and finding smarter, safer solutions to urban transportation challenges.

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