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Convenience is what technology creates: easier access to anything and everything. We all know that online purchasing only grows every year due to its convenience. It's simple, really. Online shopping gives you access to a larger variety of products, prices, and shipping options. We've seen and discussed shared economies through this technology with apps like Uber, Getaround and Airbnb. But today, the growing service is delivery: anything and everything can be brought right to where you want.

Lately, Toronto has been catching up in this aspect: more and more companies are offering delivery or local pickup for their products and services. Everyone knows about the popular "Puppies on Demand" that Uber provided earlier this year in hopes of getting these adorable pups adopted, as well as providing companies' employees a bit of mid-day destressing.

Favor Delivery will actually deliver almost anything from dry-cleaning to food from restaurants, within a certain area. Favor employs locals to work and deliver within their own areas; anyone can apply to become a runner, similar to how you can apply to be an UberX driver.

All transactions are done through their app, cashless and convenient: just connect your credit card and you are good to go! They only deliver in certain cities and areas at the moment, but again like Uber, are quickly expanding to new cities. Started in the United States, they already cover a number of cities, and luckily for us Torontonians, Favour (yes, they added the 'u' just for us), is already up and running here in the downtown core.

Although Favour does not deliver alcohol as of yet, Thirstie does! Also having started in the United States, Thirstie already provides it's services to large cities like NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami, etc. Even better, Thirstie will start operating in Toronto and Ottawa as of next week.

Similar to most online purchase and delivery apps, you simply select what you would like from their wide varieties of beer, wine, and spirits, and place your order; Thirstie will do the rest of the work for you through one of their delivery partners.

You can track your order until it is brought right to your door, in exchange for a $10 service fee. Now this might seem a bit hefty--since the delivery charge is on top of a minimum purchase--but consider the work that goes into obtaining your order. This service delivers and provides real-time tracking: 10 dollars doesn't seem so bad.

Depending on personal opinions, people could see these services as a little too good to be true or not up to par; we will just have to wait and see. One thing for sure, howerver, is that Toronto will continue to be one of the primary launching pads when companies choose to explore the Canadian consumer market.

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