Have you met RoboHon?

You won't mind your newest phone having a smaller touch screen or not fitting well into your pockets. It will hail you cabs, remember your shopping list, and even dance for you if you really want it to. Sharp's newest creation RoboHon is debatably the cutest phone you have ever seen. RoboHon's name combines the words "robot" and "phone" in Japanese. At just over 7.5 inches tall and fashioned as a robot: this is definitely the phone to get if you're going for attention-grabbing.

RoboHon will recognize and respond to you and will act accordingly when told, as most smartphones are developing capabilities for. Since it only has a front camera, taking selfies will be hard without seeing the image, right? Not at all. Robohon will tell you when to smile, and will even bow and show you the image once it's taken. Voice recognition and image projection is just one of the many features RoboHon can offer you.

Your smartest and most helpful robot friend yet, RoboHon gets smarter as more time is spent with it. RoboHon can read you texts when your hands are full, take down reminders, and even reply back to regular comments you make. In reality, it's closer to a robot with AI capabilities than a phone. With a 2-inch screen, perhaps society will realize these large screens aren't as crucial as they seem. RoboHon will be equipped with a Snapdragon 400 chip, Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities.

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