Let Me See Your Stripes

Electric cars are all the rage, everyone knows. Always scrambling to keep up to date with the latest news from Elon Musk and Tesla. With the latest launch of their autopilot function, it's already saving the day (here's the video). With everyday comes more information of how cars are evolving: getting smarter, more efficient, and safer for everyone. Travel is where automobiles are focused, but the celebrities of the vehicular world are on the racetrack.

Racing used to be the backbone of promoting new forms of transportation and getting people interested; proving endurance and potential were there to convince potential customers that it was worth their investments. Even though it has slowly become more of a sport and a show rather than proof of capabilities, it still stands to prove the longevity of the cars and the reputation of automakers.

There are many uncertainties that come with electric vehicles, and so, it's not surprising that electric cars have found their way onto the racetrack as well. The Formula E Championship kicked off last year September, with 10 identical single-seater race cars designed by Spark Racing Technology. Just this past week, the second season of the series has begun. This season, it will be an open championship: meaning companies can design and create their own vehicles to be entered into the races. With teams from all over the world, Season 2 started off with the Beijing ePrix.

As spectators, we enjoy the speed, the suspense, and the excitement. While this is all happening, there are specialists analyzing, inspecting, and recalculating how to make these vehicles better. Of course, nobody expects to be driving these exact cars on the road; race cars aren't meant to be for your everyday commute. But with all the information we gain from these races, we can expect the technology on electric cars to be changing our world at an even quicker pace.

Electric vehicles will soon by taking over the trucking industry as well, here in North America. Companies like UPS and FedEx are already looking into options in electric-powered vehicles as early as last year. UPS already has a fleet of hybrid vehicles and are continuing to look into considering fully electric trucks. It is safe to say that we will begin to see more and more charging stations in public areas, hopefully it will help the many issues on the few charging spots that currently exist (click here if you want to find out some of the rage-inducing actions people are doing). Needless to say, our lives will be changed while the world makes the transition to fully electric vehicles.

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