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Paper and ink, the origins of print, are what most people think when hearing the word print. Most people will maybe nod and remember the books they used to read, now replaced by smartphones and laptops, Kobo readers and iPads. But by simply adding "3D" the printing playing field changes and everyone is interested. Everyday our world only gets more and more advanced. We try extremely hard trying to save time, money, and become more efficient. The pace of society only gets quicker and everybody is skipping steps when looking for success. The development of 3D printing has catalyzed our world to become more advanced at a faster rate. Today, we're looking at the latest impacts of this tech, changing our world.

It's starting to show up everywhere, 3D printing is slowly taking over our society. In Amsterdam, there's a robot that is building a steel bridge, 3D printing the entire structure from one side to the other. The company in charge of this project, MX3D, researches robotic 3D print technology.

Infrastructure is a crucial part of every city. Bridges were always incredibly difficult to build and required large amounts of manpower and calculations, because of civil engineering dangers such as building across an open space. If this technology is developed to the point where it can be applied to bridges and structures of larger sizes and scales, it will disrupt the civil engineering and construction industries completely.

Another company has managed to 3D print a supercar, by the name of: Blade. By changing the basics of how the car is built, Divergent Microfactories, has built the world's first 3D printed automobile. As they explained to Gizmag "The node is made by melting aluminum powder into form using a laser-based printing system. Individual nodes hold structural carbon fiber tubes together, building up a modular chassis like a sort of upsized children's building kit."

Other than inanimate objects, though crucial to our communities and lifestyles, 3D printing can also be applied to live organisms. Yes, I mean we can print live cells. Though this technology has been around for a decade or so, we are improving.

After being able to print sheets of connected human tissue, researchers are now working on printing whole organs. When this research is successful, and it is safe to say that it will be soon, many lives will be saved.

3D printing is a development that will have incredible contributions to world improvement and will most likely impact almost every industry. I can only imagine how our society will evolve from here.

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