Hyperloop Integration

The Hyperloop project is building the fastest transportation technology in the world. It is one of the most watched engineering endeavor. It will not only disrupt how we travel between cities in years to come, but we believe it can also act as a catalyst to provide a completely new way of planning our end to end trip from destination to destination. What used to be a 5 hour drive will be a 30 or so minute commute, using solar power and physics. Isn't that amazing? Here at GreenOwl Mobile, we support innovation and improvements that the Hyperloop will bring to our society and the generations to come. Environmentally friendly and beneficial to commuters, the successful launch of the Hyperloop will mean the start of a new era of transportation.

Our society revolves around convenience and ease of use. The Hyperloop provides us with increased options for travel. When going to a new places for business or pleasure, not everyone has the time to research all the details ahead of time. What if there were an app that could help you out with that? Check out our concept on how it can happen!

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