Losing the Wires

Wireless charging isn't something new to the tech industry, surely it's drifted in and out of conversations sometime in the past couple of months. Letting your phone or other gadgets charge without all the mess of bringing around a wire seems to be amazing. Turns out most people agree, and are figuring out even more ways to make this happen.

If you own an iPhone and haven't heard of STACKED yet, you might want to check this out. They recently lauched a "wireless charging ecosystem" called STACK PACK, which brings you the option of external battery packs without the cord using magnetic wireless charging technology. Each ecosystem consists of a case, a Power Pack and an AC wireless wall-charging plug.

This lets you charge multiple Power Packs at the same time: they simply stack onto each other and onto the wall charger. The pack itself will charge your phone almost just as well if it was plugged into the wall. The only thing is that you have to use their phone case. It automatically plugs into your phone, allowing the wireless charging to occur when you stack the Power Pack to the back of your phone. On the bright side, it comes in 3 different colours. You can check out the press release here.

If you prefer to use your own phone cases, then maybe you'll like this idea: charge your phone with a cup of tea or coffee. Now I don't mean put coffee or tea on it, but what if the heat that your hot beverage could charge your phone? Two students from Copenhagen realized that we could use the energy generated from things we place onto tabletops and reuse this normally lost energy.

They developed the project known as "Heat Harvest" which uses a set of heat sensors that detect, collect and store the energy by charging up like solar panels. The energy can then be reused in other ways. The project lets you reuse the heat that comes off the household items we use on a daily basis like hot pans, tea kettles or even laptops, hence the idea of your daily cup of Joe could essentially charge your phone. Too bad there don't seem to be any plans for this to be launched for consumers anytime soon.

We can make do with the wireless Qi chargers if anything right?

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