Going to Vegas is like Car Tech Odyssey 20XX! Welcome to CES

Las Vegas, Nevada being the place where many updates and new concepts have been announced this week. All the excitement has definitely gotten us all worked up. I mean who hasn't seen the new FFZero1 concept from Faraday Future? It's incredible.

Tiny bit early for the Consumer Electronics Show®, but definitely got the attention it was trying to get. This week, we take a look at a couple of things, that will disrupt the automobile industry, announced this year at CES2016.

Volkswagen unveiled their concept of the new and improved Microbus, now gone electric: the BUDD-e. With some pretty impressive tech incorporated into this vehicle and is fully electric on top of that. It is equipped with a 101 kWh battery, a claimed 600-kilometre range, that can be recharged to 80 per cent of its capacity in 15 minutes. Pretty impressive, right? It also features gesture control technology that will allow the car to recognize the driver as they approach the car. The best part about the BUDD-e is able to communicate with your smart home/office and devices; as Volkswagen themselves called BUDD-e: an “integral automotive component in the Internet of Things”.

BMW, another one of the top automobile companies, thinks that mirrors are obsolete. Replacing side mirrors with cameras means that we don't have to adjust those side mirrors every time a different person drives, since there's no need to. It also reduces the weight on the outside of the car, since the inner workings make those side mirrors heavier than they look. BMW's mirrorless concept has only one display. Using multiple cameras and combining their imaging it helps create a panoramic view of the sides and behind the car that is free of blind spots.

Every time there is an update on driverless cars, people applaud. People understand how much driverless cars will affect society, it's hard to not take note with so many tech giants working on it as well (Google, Apple, and etc.). Ford, already in the race in implementing autonomous cars into their fleet, has announced that they will be tripling the number of autonomous cars they currently have. These newest test vehicles will feature the newest laser sensor technology developed by Velodyne. These are 360° laser sensors that reach farther than the current standard, and are small enough to fit into the side mirrors of the cars as well, instead of needing to be on the roof of the car.

2016 seems to have started off with a bang! We can only look forward to seeing these companies bring their concepts to the world. One of the biggest, most influential conferences held every year, CES is where the biggest companies reveal big news. If you've never heard of CES before, here's a quick introduction from their website:

The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show®) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It's where business gets done: on the show floor, in and around our conference program, in impromptu connections and in planned meetings and special events.

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