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Green technology has been a goal for many people from the beginning. Now that global environmental issues have arisen, people are growing more conscious of the possibilities that green tech can preserve and improve our situation. World Recycle Week is this week, from April 18 - 24, and so we've decided to focus on a couple of green tech projects that have caught our attention.

Google Project Sunroof is an incredible project, taking on an enormous task. The project puts the expansive data Google has in mapping and computing resources to use. Personalizing each and every address using the data to calculate the amount of sunlight hits your roof in a year. In order to make an accurate estimate, Project Sunroof analyzes the following points:

  • Google's database of aerial imagery and maps

  • 3D modeling of your roof

  • Shadows cast by nearby structures and trees

  • All possible sun positions over the course of a year

  • Historical cloud and temperature patterns that might affect solar energy production

Installing solar into homes are growing more and more affordable, and Google encourages people to consider switching their homes to solar, by keeping them well informed. It will recommend an installation size to generate close to 100% of your electricity use, based on your electricity bill, the details of your home, and how much sunlight it could absorb. Project Sunroof offers to directly connect you with solar providers if you choose to make a serious inquiryOn a larger level, Atlanta have announced the Atlanta Green Infrastructure Strategic Action Plan (GI), a new concept to manage the excessive amounts of stormwater the city gets. The project replaces the traditional pipes and replaces them with elements that are designed to mimic nature, while fitting into and utilizing the current system. The completion of the 2-acre Historic Fourth Ward Pond, marks just the beginning of Atlanta's emergence as a leader in green infrastructure. More details for the GI can be found in the official document plan here.

Apple is one of the corporations that is approaching a green image. Now operating with 93% renewable energy worldwide, it has joined other big names like Google, who aims to operate on 100% renewable energy.

Since it is World Recycle Week, we can't miss out on mentioning Liam. Liam is Apple's very own recycling robot that works hard at taking apart your old iPhone for the parts that can be reused and recycled.

Here at GreenOwl, we support being environmentally conscious. Being a company that connects cities and commuters, we encourage the use of public transit, carpooling and ride sharing. Please be conscious of the world around us and take every opportunity to contribute to making our world green again. Happy recycling!

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