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Augmented reality is changing how people see the world. By adding to what you can already see in the physical world, the virtual additions are evolving how people interact in their everyday lives. Not only is the amount of AR technology increasing, the ways that the technology is used continues to grow as well.

The latest news that we've heard about augmented reality technology, is about improving the safety of in air navigation. Now most commercial airplanes have tons of sensors and other tech to help them, but unlike these larger aircraft, helicopter pilots face a completely different set of challenges.

Skyscrapers, power lines, mountains, and more are all obstacles that are unique to helicopters that fly closer to the ground than most aircraft. Thankfully, technology has once again come through to make these pilots' work safer.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) has created a new augmented reality vision system using light detection and ranging technology that could help pilots see clearly through difficult weather using more than just their eyes. Although this technology has yet to be tested in the real world, so far, testing in simulations have been promising and we are looking forward to the positive changes it will bring.

On another note, for all those young adults who grew up on Pokemon, it's time to get excited. Your childhood dream about running into a wild Pokemon, and catching it, is about to come true. Pokemon Go is the free downloadable AR app that will debut in July (in partnership with an optional wristband that lets you interact without taking out your phone).

Pokemon Go will throughout your day to day life, letting you know when there is a Pokemon in the vicinity. The game will create interactions based on users' locations and the variety of Pokémon in a given area depends on attributes such as geographical climate and environment.

Check out the video below to get a peek at what Pokemon Go will bring!

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