The IoT Journey

Talk about the Internet of Things has been a common occurrence in the year 2016. As new developments about more and more "connected" products spring up, much of the general public will express their excitement in regards to the expected potential they hold. Of course, it is also commonly understood that it's a process. There are successes and there are failures when it comes to technology; but it seems the general public also can become impatient. Here is where it becomes concerning: how many people believe they understand the IoT, but have missed the bigger picture?

Security is always a concern with anything tech related. IoT devices certainly provide society with access to much more, with a lot more convenience. This said, people also need to be smarter and more aware of how their devices are protected. A story told by Security developer at CoreOS, Matthew Garrett, brings to our attention that some people who are taking advantage of the conveniences, don't seem to be very aware of the potential issues that can be caused.

Bugs in software can render it useless, issues with IoT devices can result in complications, at the least, on a much bigger scale. Already seen before, examples like the Nest thermostat failure back this past winter left many families in the cold. Other possibilities lie in not only in environment, but brings concerns in other industries like biotechnology.

IoT development is a journey. Why? Because it takes time. To find all the possible ways things could go wrong and prevent it, taking every little factor into account, the development of the IoT is incredibly important. Unlike other up and coming technologies, for example virtual reality tech, there's almost no space for mistakes when it comes to the IoT. Anything that goes wrong could have some serious repercussions concerning the real world.

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