GOM Focus: Success Through UX

User experience design is 50% of everything, and can make or break your application. When your users are scrambling to get things done in their busy lives, you need your app to be easy and convenient for them to navigate. You need more than just necessities and data, you need your users to enjoy using your app.

When it comes to transit apps, many things need to be communicated, information needs to be exchanged, then there's still branding and visual appeal. As public transit innovation is making it's boom, we've seen many apps rise and fall. So what makes these apps so amazing? Let's take a closer look, at one of the most popular transportation apps out there today: Uber.

Public transportation has always been something that, on most days, sucks. You have to wait for scheduled service (which more often than not doesn't really follow the schedule), you have to pay with cash or pre-purchased passes/tokens, and there's never anywhere to sit, with people breathing down your neck.

When Uber first started as UberCab in 2010, the entire goal was to create a simple and convenient user experience. The entire idea was just to request a cab through a single text or the press of a button (but it did cost 1.5x the regular price for a cab). Very quickly after launch, Uber began to make changes to the visual appeal of their web app; adding a sleeker image to their brand.

As smartphones began to take over, Uber quickly picked up the push notifications and implemented them onto their iPhone app. This not only gave off a tech-savvy reputation, but also provided time-sensitive information to the user quickly (that your car was en route so you won't be left wondering if it even worked).

Of course, since its beginnings, Uber has evolved in many ways. Taking advantage of updated technology and good marketing, Uber provides the full package of user experience solution to transportation. This is the reason why Uber has been so successful: Uber provides amazing user experiences. With short wait times, provided contact information for easy communication, GPS direction from origin to destination for travel routes and flexible payment methods, Uber has solved majority of the concerns its day-to-day customers.

Over the years, Uber has adapted to every need that they've come across. From the launches of UberBlack and UberSUV to suit every occasion, to the implementation of fare estimates and surge pricing notifications, Uber has taken note of concerns, requests, and possibilities that their customers provide. Taking their experiences and expanding globally, while holding their ground against other ride-sharing apps; certainly, the role model of providing seamless user experience.

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