One Day As: Introduction

We've been entering a new stage here at GreenOwl, and so we decided to introduce a new blog series as well. "One Day As" is going to be a new series where you will be introduced to specific members of our team, and their typical day working at GreenOwl.

Our days normally begin with a stand-up meeting, as most start ups do. We believe that communicating with each other about processes and status updates help to promote teamwork and provides an opportunity for individuals to better understand each other's capabilities and responsibilities. At GreenOwl we want to help our team be able to continue growing in areas where they are interested. We believe that regular interaction opens up many channels for cooperative and experiential learning within the team.

Some days will be busier some days will be less, but the goal for this blog series is to give you a perspective of what working at GreenOwl is like for our team. We look forward to introducing ourselves to you, and we hope to get to know you too! If you have any questions or suggestions, definitely give us a shout at or message us on social media!

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