One Day As Fion

Meet Fion Suen, our graphic designer here at GreenOwl.

She spends her days working hard in the office, creating anything we need in terms of wireframes, mockups and more. Fion is a graduate from Ryerson University and has interests in a variety of areas such as music and sports.

Fion starts off her days by taking a morning run, as long as the weather allows for it.

Running helps me clear my mind and get me ready to take on the day. It’s also always nice to be inspired by nature and get some fresh air.

After returning home, she'll then get ready and head to the office. A stop she will always make on her way though, is to the coffeeshop.

Because nothing say “Good Morning” like a nice cup of caramel macchiato. I’ll take it hot or iced.

A coffee a day, keeps the designer okay! Just kidding (was that too cheesy?). Fion enjoys a variety of teas as well, or may opt for more than one coffee depending on the day. She works hard and makes sure to stay fueled up.

Upon arriving at work, she'll most likely sit down and go through her to-do list for the day.

I’m a lists type of gal. I like seeing things in point form. They give me a sense of order so that I can focus and work efficiently (but still creatively!)

Fion regularly creates to-do lists for projects and other tasks, to help her stay on top of things. It shows her organized work process and is something that GreenOwl staff, I am definitely one of them, find admirable.

Every morning the whole office has a stand up meeting to report any issues and successes in any projects. It keeps the dialogue open in the office and everyone is on the same page with each other’s work progress.

She basically explained it for you. There's a reason why we run through things together, and it helps contribute to the team spirit as well.

Some people may know this already, but inspiration plays a huge part in the ability of a designer. Fion will spend time daily, looking through different things to find inspiration. It might not even always be artwork or other designs.

It’s always nice to see what creative work is out there. People out there come up with amazing things and I think they deserve to be appreciated. A few places I visit every day: Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble.

While looking for inspiration, she also runs through some of the things that are important when coming up with the designs.

A few thoughts that go through my mind when I’m designing:

1. How can I take a client’s requirements in an app and make it visually creative and easy for users to navigate?

2. How can I add colour to these layouts without compromising the branding identity of our client’s companies?

3. Is this flow easy to navigate that my next door neighbour can learn how to use the app quickly?

Sometimes it’s a full day of creating new screens and wireframes. Sometimes I’m in meetings brainstorming with my colleagues and going through project requirements. Sometimes I’m juggling between multiple projects, making changes to mock up screens here and there or everywhere. There is always something to create!

Fion's days are quite busy on a regular basis. Sometimes with meetings, or sometimes with the rush to meet a deadline, with some last minute changes for the client. No matter what, she always does her best to get the job done.

To me, it’s important to start and end the day feeling inspired so that I’m ready for the next day’s work. I’m always on the lookout for anything eye-catching and clever...and colourful (because I love colours)!

By the end of the day, she's most likely finished her tasks that need to be completed. She will prepare herself for the next day, looking for new things to fuel her creativity. The day ends and Fion will most likely head home, or maybe out, to a relaxing night out with friends.

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