One Day As Elijah

Meet Elijah. Our business analyst and a car enthusiast, Elijah is a person who interacts with almost everybody at GreenOwl. Working with everyone means he's the connector between our various departments. Though GreenOwl is not yet a big company and our daily stand-up meetings help out, we do work on many projects at once and Elijah plays an important part in helping everybody stay up to date.

My job as a business analyst is to coordinate the details that revolve around each project. a lot of it revolves around making sure the right people at GreenOwl have the right pieces of information to complete their work. I work as a communication channel between our clients (external), project manager (Navin), and our developers (front and back end) to make sure everything is moving along and that all the details around the project are not left behind as afterthoughts.

It's really difficult to describe just exactly what Elijah is responsible for doing, there are just so many things. Even he agrees, so many things at a time!

I can be be working on almost any part of the projects at any time. One day I may be meeting with our clients to gather requirements, and the next I may be working on setting up the user acceptance testing process. Because the type of work I do is very much project-dependent, my schedule can completely change from even what I plan to do during our daily stand-up meetings.

Regardless, the first thing I always try to do in the morning is to get myself organized for the day. The first half hour of each day is creating a check list of tasks by looking through all my emails and calendar. I then make a list since I often juggle multiple projects, so this step is critical to keeping on top of things.

To-do lists seem to be a trend among our team, simply because it works. it helps us stay on top of things and really helps to sort ourselves out when we do get a little overwhelmed. Since we're still a relatively small team around 20 or so, Elijah often is able to take part and learn about he different things that our team works on in the midst of various projects.

Working at a startup, we have a mentality of getting things done. We do what we can at GreenOwl to help each other out. In this process, I end up learning a lot about different aspects of software development that I would never have elsewhere.

He's put in so much hard work into every task: from mapping roads, to putting together proposals, or even travelling to work sites. It's been quite a ride, but we really do appreciate all the hard work he's put in. It really is a happy things to hear that we are able to provide a good balanced environment for our team.

What I appreciate most about working at GreenOwl is the opportunities I have to learn. There are many times that I end up doing things that may be a bit uncomfortable or out of my element, but it's during these times that I end up learning the most. As well, our company has a very open and laid back atmosphere that makes it easy to be myself. I am approaching my 2 year work anniversary at GreenOwl and every day is still fresh and interesting!

It's very encouraging for us to know that our employees are happy to be with us and to be contributing to their own skills and experiences, as well as the company. Here are GreenOwl we really hope that we can provide this for everyone on our team, and really just everyone we interact with.

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