There are Changes!

Hey everyone! Lots of things are happening at GreenOwl: you know we've been refocusing our social media and blog on things that are happening here. We wanted to give you a quick breakdown about some new things we've decided on!

We've been busy hiring for some new positions! We recently hired a new web developer: help us in welcoming Daniel to our team, we are all super excited getting to know him! Currently we're looking for someone to fit into our team to help put together some systems. If you're interested, definitely check out the listing and talk to us!

Blog posts will now be posted once every 3 weeks. Now there's a reason for this. We find that posting every week has its merits but we feel that the posts will have a bigger impact and be more useful if these updates are more condensed. We hope that we can provide a better sense of our company in these blogs and let you guys get to know our team better, but also save you time by condensing these posts.

We've rearranged our workspace! We look forward to seeing how this will benefit our productivity and improve communication between our team. Hopefully moving around will be easier as well!

Thanks for tuning in this week, I am looking forward to bringing you more of our "One Day As..." series as well as more updates on what's going on here at GreenOwl! We want to hear what you guys think about all of these things happening, message us on Facebook, Twitter, check us out on Instagram or email us at!

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