GOM Focus: Commuter Ease

Everyday, millions of people commute to different places. We drive, we walk, we take public transit, but the question is how do we make things easier? How do we get to places quicker, avoid the rush but not leave hours before? How do we stay green and still save time?

Everyone uses Google Maps because it works to give you the information you want easily and right away. It provides an incredible amount of information in the same place. Whether you're driving, taking public transit or even walking or biking, Maps can tell you the fastest most direct route. If you're connected to the internet, it gives you its real-time traffic information as well.

When the Pan-Am games were in Toronto last year, GreenOwl looked to solve the extra traffic complications that came with the increased amount of traffic, the temporary HOV lanes on the highways and to increase convenience for all those looking to commute to the various different venues. With the various changes including traffic redirection, construction as well as closed roads, the 2015 Games Trip Planner app was our solution.

The 2015 Games Trip Planner is the travel information source that provided real-time traffic information for spectators and GTHA residents during the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Para-Pan Am Games. Real-time information that was useful right away to help plan ahead for the commute or even to find a backup plan. It provided users with information like parking lots at venues/transit stations, where the express busses from venue to venue picked up passengers, which routes would be the most time-efficient at the particular moment, and more.

Local commuter apps are gaining in popularity as people continue to learn to rely on them on a daily basis. Many of these applications will provide real-time bus arrival times or locations. Information is power: the convenience of finding this information allows commuters to more precisely micromanage their schedule surrounding their commute. Here are GreenOwl, we hope to keep finding solutions to improve. We believe the connected city of tomorrow will work as a collective cloud of mobile and IoT technologies created by great product experiences.

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