One Day As Daniel

Meet Daniel Pierre, our newest web developer. He started with us just this fall, but we truly enjoy having him in our team. Daniel is open-minded and curious by nature, loving the great outdoors. Passionate about music, he likes to spend his time outside of work playing guitar or seeing live music.

Though our office is relatively quiet, he has integrated very well into our team. Always punctual, we often find Daniel being one of the earlier members of our team to come into the office.

I typically start my day at GreenOwl by reviewing my notes on the previous day’s work. This allows me to determine where I had left off and identify any pressing issues to bring up at our morning standup meeting.

Right now, my work at GreenOwl is focused on the front-end development of our project, so I spend most of the day coding and researching methods to solve specific problems. I also meet frequently with the other team members who are working on the project to discuss direction, timelines and priorities.

Since feedback is always constructive, we asked Daniel what he liked about GreenOwl so far. After a couple months, it was a good chance to find out how he was finding work with us, and what he enjoyed about our company.

I really enjoy the atmosphere here. Everyone gets along well and is passionate about their work. As well, everyone is generous with sharing their knowledge and helping each other out. On top of that, since our IoT devices are assembled here, our office is like a combined computer lab and workshop, so it really looks and feels like a place where cool stuff is being created.

It really is. Our office is open concept and anybody can talk to anyone. GreenOwl provides many opportunities to learn about different things and we always enjoy good company. GreenOwl has always been an inviting team, and we are happy to find out that Daniel feels this way as well.

Although I joined GreenOwl pretty recently, I’ve learned quite a lot since I’ve been here. As a relatively new developer, much of the work that I’ve done has challenged me to find solutions to problems I hadn’t encountered before, so I’m constantly learning. In particular, I learned how to leverage front-end frameworks to build web applications, which was pretty exciting for me.

As a growing startup, we try to do our best in sharing our knowledge and help each other out as much as possible. We work hard to make sure we can do everything to the best of our abilities as a team. We hope to continue cultivating and growing this kind of collaborative attitude. We will do our best to keep improving and working on many more projects to come with Daniel, and the rest of our team!

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