One Day As... Cam Phung

Meet Cam Phung, our product architect and owner for the flagship application at GreenOwl Mobile: TA (TrafficAlert). Always interested in the latest buzz, Cam often shares in the conversations we have about up and coming tech and entertainment. He is a person who brightens everybody's day with his upbeat personality and encouraging diligence. As somebody who is so vital to our team, we can easily see how Cam is a logical, organized, and detail-oriented person, always ready to jump in to take the lead on any smart city initiated projects.

My involvement spans across multiple disciplines, from business solution and technical design or coding framework implementation, to cloud computing platform management and support. I collaborate and manage different teams on a daily basis to ensure the on-time delivery of the on-going projects and smooth operation of the cloud computing production and testing infrastructure.

Of course, every morning starts with our daily stand-up meeting. Cam provides short and concise notes on the projects that are in progress and updates everybody on what he plans on completing by the end of the day. Cam's work day often include working with our various teams reviewing projects and task status' in on-going projects and maintenance activities. Our graphic design, business analysis, technical solution, implementation and testing teams all work with Cam. Other activities that would typically come about during a workday would be things like:

  1. Document solution design and technical implementation artifacts on projects for use by team members to develop and deliver full-stack applications (from mobile client to server-side backend services)

  2. Clarify solution designs in the documentation set of artifacts working closely with all team members from various disciplines

  3. Provide guidance to server-side development team in maintenance planning and product deployment

Cam has been with GreenOwl for almost 2 years now, so we asked him about his opinions of our company. Of course, there is always space for improvement. We are very grateful to have Cam's honest response on the pros and cons of our company.

The Negative: Like any start-up company facing with limited resources but having the opportunities to be able to grow fast, GreenOwl's management face the dilemma of how to best juggle and place the scarce resource into the right areas with the biggest impact. Proper planning and organization is required but is still lacking. At time, staffs are fully engaged and overly utilized. Everyone is trying to do too much. The operation tends to be more reactive and customer driven rather than proactive and better customer expectation management. I guess this is the norm in start-up and GreenOwl is not different. It is in the expansion and coping state.

The Positive: Dynamic environment with constant changes will force you to be more agile and adaptable. It is intimidating at first but once you get use to it, it becomes a habit and your mind set will tune to this ever-changing, fast learning, and prompt adaptability to new concepts and things. It is definitely good for personal development.

In regards to his favourite part about our company, he responded with this: It's a small company setting with start-up mentality (very focus and trying to make a difference). Team members are highly energetic and motivated.

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