One Day As Xu

Xu Liu is one of the liveliest people on our team. Always driving the conversation, Xu is a friendly and warm-hearted person, always around to give helpful feedback or to lighten the mood with a funny joke. One of the most defining factors about Xu is his dedication to his family. Just get to know him a little, and you often find him mentioning them. Around the office, Xu is always a part of group conversations, often inviting more people to join in. Of course, he is diligent with his work. Once the work day begins, his attitude stays the same but the focus shifts to a more serious tone.

As the application architect, he works with a variety of code and other team members as well. When asked about his typical work day, Xu responded with a light-hearted, amusing interpretation of how his day goes.

1) Drive around the office and find a nice spot to park the car.

2) Say "Hi" to everyone in the office, except Thomas, because we always carpool.

3) Prepare a big cup of water because I don't want my cup to feel lonely after a long night.

4) Turn on laptop and check that our lovely system and cameras are all running well.

5) Work on daily tasks based on our schedule

One year ago, I was focusing on iOS development, half of the apps on the GreenOwl wall were built by me in the past 3 years. Recently, I am focusing more on integrating the machine learning results and working on ways to present this data. At the same time, I am also working on enabling and improving user interaction.

Since he started with us back in 2014, Xu has worked on many different projects with GreenOwl. We are happy to have him grow with us, and hope that GreenOwl is able to continue to grow as a company and as a team. It is heart-warming to hear that his favourite part about GreenOwl was the team. He put it quite simply, but is just such a sincere thought:"People here are really nice and we all help each other."

Oh. We also asked him what he's learned during his time here: "Never open the window during the winter time."

Now, my personal opinion of this? Very wise advice. :) Thanks Xu!

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