One Day as Lingfei

Take a step into the life of Lingfei Gao, a systems engineer here at GreenOwl. Usually quiet around the office, Lingfei can also get quickly involved in conversations about topics he takes an interest in. One of the younger members on our team and a devoted gamer, Lingfei enjoys playing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and strategy games like DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone. Though he still sees himself as a bit of a beginner in the professional sense as well as in games, we definitely enjoy having him as a part of our team.

When we asked Lingfei to run through his typical day, it sort of went like this:

1) Wake up around 9, drive to the office about 9:30,1-2 minutes late most of the time though. Say hi to everyone and start working coding!

2) At 12:00, drive to different place to grab lunch and come back to office. Most of the time I go to the taiwanese store on Yonge. Then I read some news while I eat.

3) After lunch, start coding again. Feeling sleepy around 2 and almost nod off.

4)Get some nuts or snacks from Sandeep (Thanks Sandeep!) and keep working until 5:30.

Haha, he has a bit of a sense of humour, don't you think? As we mentioned earlier, Lingfei is one of our systems engineers here at GreenOwl. He works on developing our apps for mobile and also works on some projects on the server side as well. When we asked him about what he liked most about working here, he was very happy about the many opportunities he gets to learn new skills through hands on experience.

I hadn't gotten a chance to touch anything about server or iOS development when I was in college. I worked and learned a lot from everyone and now I can code on my own.

Working at GreenOwl not only taught Lingfei new coding skills, but also helped him develop time management skills. Throughout the past year, Lingfei has learned to balance working on multiple projects at the same time. Keeping on top of things and actively contributing to the many projects, he's come a long way. Lingfei has improved a lot since starting with us last year; GreenOwl is the first company he's been with since graduation, and we're definitely proud of the progress he's made!

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