One Day As Emily

Coming in once a week, she's quiet but definitely catches your attention with her pink hair. Meet Emily, our social media coordinator! Emily is currently studying Graphic Communications Management at Ryerson University, and hopes to be able to learn UI/UX design in the future. She has been working with GreenOwl for almost 2 years now. Emily is responsible for our social media channels and helping out with administrative tasks, and works hard to learn new things each week.

Emily's typical work day at GreenOwl begins with breakfast. She'll often come in with 2 breakfast burritos from McDonald's, and will start setting up her laptop and applications.

I take a little time in the morning to get warmed up to the idea of working since I'm much more productive later on in the day. So to get myself started, eating is the best way to feel happy about being up in the morning. I'm a night person, so normally I try to make my schedule begin later on in the day; but of course that doesn't work for everyone so I adapt.

Same as everybody else in the office, stand up meetings come early in the day. They help her out a lot because since she's still in school, sometimes it's difficult to get a grasp of how projects are coming along and what direction we're planning take in the future.

Being a student, it's hard for me to keep track of the progress of all the projects. I'll basically only find out about details when I attend meetings in person, since as helpful as Slack is, some things don't get relayed to me. I'm not involved in every project, but it's exciting to find out about what projects our team is working on at the moment.

After standup, work begins. Emily spends time looking at content and news, catching up on the latest industry information. Finding updates and interesting posts to share are one of the things that she enjoys most about the social media portion of her responsibilities.

It's definitely a great chance and I get to find out a lot about what's happening in the world. I'm not somebody who reads a lot of news usually, but not because I'm uninterested, it's just there's so much of it I rarely know where to start.

Her day goes on the same way, changing with the different projects that she is involved in, sometimes making graphics, other times helping with administrative things like proofreading, logging business card information etc. She enjoys helping plan team outings and office decorations for holidays and events.

The thing I love most about working at GreenOwl is the flexibility in the number of things you can try. If there's something you're interested in, all you need to do is ask, and they'll find a way to give you opportunities. It's amazing how helpful and open everybody is with teaching and sharing their knowledge.

The thing that Emily cherishes having learned the most, working at GreenOwl, is that opportunities are not handed to you; Knowing what you want, being courageous enough to ask for them, confident enough to put all your effort into your chances, and humble enough to accept help and take criticism.

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