Traffic Mitigation

Traffic Alert is a mobile traffic mitigation platform that helps drivers visualize and share real-time traffic, street & side-walk maintanance and road conditions.  Our customers have made Traffic Alert technology available to their audience as a tailored mobile application for commuters to visualize and share real-time traffic and road conditions.  Voice alerts are giving before drivers approach traffic jams, accidents or road hazards.  News posts can be heard in real-time.  GreenOwl has been offering its traffic mitigation and mobility platform together with Traffic Alert's customizable code to construction firms and media agencies around the globe.  Traffic Alert Platform provides:

– An unique traffic mitigation solution to your construction projects.

– Advises users of delays providing alternative for pass-thru traffic to by-pass such area.

– Provides construction updates when certain sections of the road are blocked.

– Communicates well in advance to the traveller as they plan the route using your app to avoid certain areas

– Detour instructions can be loaded into the systems frequently as construction progresses.


Having a good mobile strategy is a good competitive advantage and an excellent communication, branding and marketing tool.


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