Traveller Information

Traffic Alert is a mobile Traveller Information platform that helps drivers visualize and share real-time traffic, street &  road conditions.  Voice alerts are giving before drivers approach traffic jams, accidents or road hazards.  News posts can be heard in real-time.  GreenOwl has been offering its traffic mitigation and mobility platform together with Traffic Alert's customizable code to governments and media agencies around the globe.  Traffic Alert Traveller Information Platform provides:

- Multi-modal trips for cars, buses, bikes, trains, subways, car pool

- Real time traffic and cameras.  

- Updated points of interest like rest stops, car pool zones,  

school and high collsion zones


Having a good mobile strategy is a good competitive advantage and an excellent communication, branding and marketing tool.  Empower commuters to build the smart city of tomorrow, today. We have powered 1,000,000 commuters in North America & Europe. Commuters & smart city builders from London (UK), Toronto (CA), New York, Philadelphia, and many more are all helping build tomorrow’s Smart City using GreenOwl’s technology.


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